We're now requesting that individuals wear face masks to our in person worship services. Click HERE for more info.

ONLINE Worship Guide : 11/29/20

ONLINE Worship Guide

ONLINE Worship Guide :: 11/29/20

We hope that this time will foster special memories with your family as you join in worshiping with other Jesus followers around the immediate area, throughout the state of Kansas, and beyond! Thank you for joining us!

Note :: This "Worship Guide" is designed to help lead you through the worship service!

Let Us Know You Are Joining

It is so important for the local church to help everyone find and follow Jesus! And that is exactly what we do here at Codell Community Church. Everyone's journey is different, so we would love to connect with you! Please take a moment to fill out the Connect Card when you click on the button below!


Thank you for joining us! Let us know that you are here! Say "hi" and where you are watching from!

1st Song: Born Is The King

Announcements & Offering

The Thanksgiving meals were received very well! We served about 60 people with a delicious meal & hope & encouragement. Thanks for your contribution to make this possible!
We will have 1-2 children to buy gifts for as a church, so watch your email later this week for more information!
Links will be sent via email. We have a couple extra books if anyone else is interested. Contact Thayne or Janene.
Matt Paden will be arriving later this week & will be house hunting. Please pray for the Paden family during this time of transition.
Click on the image to volunteer to provide a meal!
Click on the image to give online!

2nd Song: Away In A Manger

3rd Song: Holy Spirit

4th Song: Glory - Let There Be Peace


Closing Song: Go Tell It On The Mountain

Connect With us if You Haven't Filled Out the Connect Card Yet!

Here is today's Lesson for the Kids!

We Hope You Enjoyed Worship This Evening!

See You Next Sunday!