Ways to Win (Part 1)

Here are 3 Things you can do to Win at Life during this Chapter You Find Yourself In

Right now, you may find yourself saturated with the stress that comes from concern of you or family members or friends contracting COVID-19. You and/or your family may be experiencing financial stress because of the economy. Kids are home from school and they were already tired of each other. Your normal is not your normal. 

So the question is: How can we navigate life right now in a way that is healthy? How can we be emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically (in other words) holistically healthy?

Here are a few simple things that I think you could do to be holistically healthy:

1) Sleep Well :: Get enough sleep. Go to bed when you need to go to bed. Stay in a healthy rhythm of bedtime & wake-up time. This consistency is good for your overall health!

2) Eat Well :: When we are stressed or when life is crazy, it is super easy to binge eat or snack constantly. So eat the appropriate portions of the food that is good for you. 

This is tough for me right now. My wife, Janene, just had a baby and people from our church are bringing food to us… Like A LOT of food… Every time… So portion control is a struggle right now for me… By the way - thank you church!

3) Exercise :: I am not saying that you have to get in shape to run a marathon. Just be intentional to go on a few walks! Get out and get fresh air and enjoy a little sunshine when you can!

You might be thinking - but what about praying and reading the Bible? I would be the first to say that these are important, but if we sleep well, eat well, and exercise, we will be able to pray and read the Bible even better!

It is my hope that when we look back on this chapter, we will see God's faithfulness in the midst of our circumstances and how we responded with faithfulness as well.


Carey Nieuwhof,, one of my online virtual mentors says this, "Do the things today, that will make the person you want to be tomorrow." I hope that we will do the things we need to do today.

Let's do the next right thing...

Pastor Thayne