Worship Guide for 6/26/22

This week's worship guide

Worship Guide for 6/26/22

Welcome to Codell Community Church! Whether you're joining online or in person, we are so glad you're here to worship with us! This "Worship Guide" is designed to help lead you through the worship service! It provides the songs we'll be singing as well as announcements (and links) to various things that may be helpful. Click below if you're joining online & want a direct link to Facebook or Youtube.

It is so important for the local church to help everyone find and follow Jesus! And that is exactly what we do here at Codell Community Church. Everyone's journey is different, so we would love to connect with you! Please take a moment to fill out the Connect Card when you click on the button below!


1st Song: The Lion and The Lamb

Announcements & Offering

Next week is Potluck Sunday, and we're going with a summer BBQ theme. We'll have grills fired up and ready to throw meat on them! Brings sides & desserts to round out the meal.

2nd Song: Even So Come

3rd Song: By His Wounds


4th Song: Lead Me to the Cross


Closing Song: And All The People Said Amen

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Here is today's Lesson for the Kids!

We Hope You Enjoyed Worship This Morning!

See You Next Sunday!